Because hitting the market is only the beginning.

Global Aftermarket Services to proactively support your entire product lifecycle.

Getting your product to market isn’t the finish line. The success of your product relies on how well it performs long after it’s in your customers’ hands. At Plexus, we understand how critical aftermarket services are to your brand and your product’s reputation. That’s why we’ve built our solutions to provide all the aftermarket services you’ll need — from launch all the way to the product’s end of life. When you work with us, you’ll find a global team of specialists dedicated to helping you build brand loyalty and enhance your customer experience. We’re passionate about helping you extend the life of your product — and we’ll be a dependable partner in achieving a competitive advantage in the market.

Enhancing product value.

We offer custom Aftermarket Service solutions, designed to extend your product’s lifecycle, reduce costs and support the integrity of your brand. Because we start out with a focus on understanding the needs of your customers, we’re able to intelligently support your product in a way that reinforces its value, reduces downtime and enhances your customer experience.

Agility and flexibility.

We customize our Aftermarket Services to fit your needs — whether it’s collaboration throughout full product development or engaging at any point in the process. We’ll work with you to proactively address challenges and design a solution with the agility to adapt as needs evolve or the market changes. Alignment with our global manufacturing footprint gives us the equipment, processes and structure to provide a highly flexible solution.

Integrated Engineering.

Our Aftermarket Services are closely tied to our engineering capabilities. We collaborate across disciplines, which allows us to quickly solve product challenges as they arise after launch. Integrated engineering means we can more effectively extend the life of your product through targeted support and redesign, resulting in better performance and reliability.