Where precision and agility meet.

Complex problem-solving for the semiconductor industry.

When you work with Plexus to create your semiconductor equipment, you’re getting more than a partner. You’re adding to your own numbers with a global team of collaborative problem-solvers. You’re getting expertise in all things semiconductor, from PCBA and advanced mechatronics to system integration and functional testing. At Plexus, we’ve carefully designed our process with the agility to adjust as the market shifts, so you can reduce lead times and increase your global competitiveness. Our team is focused on building your trust, with a commitment to Copy Exact and service like you’ve never seen in this industry. We understand the value of dependability and we’re dedicated to being a semiconductor equipment partner you can count on.

Leaders in Copy Exact manufacturing.

In the semiconductor capital equipment industry, there’s no room for inconsistency. The pressures of time-to-market and quality requirements mean your product needs to be done right, every single time. That’s why Plexus has fully committed to the Copy Exact methodology. We’ve worked with most of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturing companies to deliver complex capital equipment quickly, efficiently and with repeatedly identical results. Our semiconductor experts know Copy Exact inside-out, and we regularly train our suppliers on the process. Which is why you can depend on us for the highest level of quality, every time you engage with Plexus for your semiconductor needs.