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Innovative, global Supply Chain Solutions for your most complex products.

Especially in today’s global product development landscape, you need to know your product is in capable hands through its entire lifecycle. At Plexus, our Supply Chain Solutions team provides that assurance. When you work with us, you’ll find hundreds of skilled supply chain professionals who are eager to embrace your complex needs and find creative ways to manage your entire supply chain. Our proactive approach focuses on identifying risks, mitigating them and getting your product to market on time, at cost and to specification.

Collaborative partnerships.

When you work with Plexus, you can expect a level of collaboration, trust and transparency you won’t get anywhere else. Our team engages from the beginning — from the first concept, through Design and Development, to Manufacturing and Aftermarket Services. We’ll work side by side with you and collaborate at every point in the process as we develop your supply chain solution.

Flexible, customized solutions.

At Plexus, we go beyond “off the shelf.” Your product needs are unique, and your supply chain solution has to be, too. We’ll listen to you and work closely with your team to create a solution that’s tailored to your business objectives and your customers’ needs. We’ll be a bridge connecting you to the right suppliers in the right global locations, with the agility to proactively address any risks to your product’s success.

Superior risk mitigation.

High-complexity products come with complex risks to your supply chain. We’re experienced in identifying these risks early on, and we have the tools and processes to mitigate any potential impact to you. Our teams are highly skilled, and they’re passionate about helping you get your product into your customers’ hands in the most efficient and reliable way. That’s why we’ll find every avenue to create greater predictability in your supply chain.