Supply chain risk management to protect your brand.

We’ll prepare for disruptions to your supply chain so you don’t have to.

At Plexus, we understand the challenges and risks involved with getting your product to market on time and at cost. We’re experienced in identifying these risks at an early stage and have the necessary tools, processes and people in place to mitigate any potential threats and impacts to your business. We embrace the challenge and take on this responsibility willingly. Our teams are skilled and passionate about supporting your full supply chain infrastructure, from the initial idea throughout the whole lifecycle of the product.

Prepared for your risk.

In a global economy where often the only true differentiators are time to market or brand reputation, who is managing your risk — and how? Our trusted team of experts is ready for deployment and eager to engage and solve for supply chain risk. At Plexus, we’re prepared to take the risk in your supply chain head on.

Skilled, proactive professionals.

The need for predictability and delivering innovative solutions at a fast pace is a must. Plexus has over 19,000 talented and energetic individuals prepared to act as an extension of your team to meet these needs. Our supply chain organization is hundreds strong, on both a global and regional scale, bringing decades of trusted experience in identifying and abating risk.

Industry-leading tools.

You can rest assured that your supply chain is safe with us. We use some of the very best tool sets within the industry, including proprietary software. Our people have a unique depth of skills, knowledge and experience that truly set us apart. The presence of risk is inevitable, but its effect on your products doesn’t have to be. Let Plexus manage your risk for you.