We test your product to its limit so you don’t have to.

The right test solution ensures a flawless launch every time.

High quality and reliable products delivered on time matters. At Plexus, we provide you with a test solution that balances quality with investment and helps ensure zero defects, faster time to market, and lower product cost. Superior test engineering is key to giving you confidence in a flawless launch, every time.

Strategy for lowest total cost.

Standard manufacturing inspection strategies are often not enough for complex products. An inadequate test strategy can slow production and increase the chance of a quality issue, which would negatively impact your brand in the market. Plexus collaborates with our customers to customize a strategy that meets their product's launch timeline and volume needs.

Our test services.

Our test services encompass a wide range of methodologies including optical, x-ray, electrical, mechanical and environmental technologies. Our specialized engineers, technicians and operators are experts in realizing solutions; from simple standard technology PCBs to complex electromechanical systems, including fluidics and robotics.

Ease of integration.

Our test engineering methodology is geared towards your aggressive launch schedule. We accelerate by designing in parallel to product development while leveraging a blend of industry standard tools and a set of proven, proprietary software modules. In addition, our test solutions always include a direct integration into our exclusive manufacturing data collection system to provide unparalleled analytics and real-time monitoring of your product quality.